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tv   [untitled]    June 12, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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tens of thousands of opposition activists have rallied in central moscow with agendas raging from the far left to nationalist extremist. violence intensifies across syria with un observers pointing out a spike in coordinated rebel attacks which government troops have to repel clashes leading to foreign powers increasingly hinting at intervention. and no room for refugees after promising to provide sanctuary israel begins arresting african migrants who fled violence in their homeland and plan to deport over four thousand people.
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from our studios in central moscow you're watching archie with me and he said now it's eight pm here in the russian capital good to have you with us we begin with a mass opposition protest that has taken place in moscow the demonstration drew activists ranging from i should say a range of political groups and went off peacefully in contrast to a violent rally last month that time there were dozens of injuries and protests or two protesters and police with criminal cases filed against those who started trouble peter all over brings us the latest from central moscow. we saw tens of thousands of people demonstrating on the streets of moscow they came from all across the political spectrum in the country from the far left to far right extremist groups to say the the nationalists and far right groups were amongst the
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the largest in attendance now while i was take walking with those demonstrators along that route i did see several amongst the group of nationalists wearing perrier sions on all nazi uniforms including one woman wearing a take on the s.s. uniform including a a banner around tehran bearing a russian nationalists symbol but of course these people did come from all across the political structure is i say they came to voice their displeasure with the russian government this demonstration went off incredibly peacefully i didn't see anything like the violent clashes we saw during the previous protests in moscow in may of this year now then we saw the demonstrations really hijacked by radical groups and we saw clashes which resulted in both the demonstrators themselves and police being injured now that resulted in the apartments the homes of the
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leaders of the protest movement having their houses search to see if they were involved in organizing those violent attacks and we also saw changes to the law here in russia regarding what punishments would be in place for those breaking the law during demonstrations the government saying that they did this to bring the fines and the the sentences in line with other european countries which means you could see a fine for severe breaking of the law we're talking about things like causing serious damage to people and property here it is as high as seven thousand euro fortunately we didn't see any of that type of violence on saturday and these protests. went off pretty much without a hitch despite the weather. that the rain in the russian capital dampen the mood at that opposition rally a couple of hours ago but the sun is out again and it's helping the celebrations of russia day right in the heart of moscow.
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up to thirty thousand people have gathered most of the red square to commemorate twenty two years of the russian federation seventy eight day here on live from red square to give you more on the live music and firework display that's coming up later. but first syria has been seeing spikes in violence on a daily basis you would observers now report not just offensives by government forces but also an increase in coordinated rebel attacks two conflicting reports on the number of victims and forces behind the violence have triggered conflicting reactions from world powers parties for notionally isn't syria and brings us more. un morning to us have reported a heavy surge in recent weeks of rebels called a nation and attacks in response they say the syrian government has given the army too much freedom and too much free rein and the. dramatic increase in civilian dads one of the most
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stark in the recent example of this fresh wave of violence here in syria is they have e r to reboard mint of the rebel stronghold backed by helicopter strikes in the central province of holmes and again we've been receiving conflicting reports on exactly what happened there with opposition claiming the syrian army has been targeting mashal in the residential areas of the town while the government has been accusing the rebels of using civilians as human shoot during these attacks death toll yesterday alone stood at sixty three people according to opposition sources with more than a third of them army soldiers the u.n. secretary general ban ki moon has said that he's deployed concerned over the increasing violence in syria and has called on all countries with influence on both the rebels and syrian government to call on all parties to stop while to stop atrocities to lay down arms and to pull back as he put it from the brink at the
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same time we're hearing claims of a completely different nature from another international organization with a surge of violence has been seized on by nature's chief hinting at a possible intervention mr rasmussen has compared the events in syria today with those in the balkans during the nine hundred ninety s. that led to bombardment of former yugoslavia we've also been hearing a lot about military intervention recently from both you and nato member britain foreign secretary william hague has said that this scenario cannot be ruled out because also stressed that this up to assad to decide whether he wants to seize the violence and all atrocities in his country and fulfill the rebels' demands at the same time we know hague. that is the way over the terrorists operating in syria saying that the international terrorist organization could fuel the violence and could fuel this conflict so that and the west's message is somewhat muddled that
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assad is not responsible for all violence here in his country but he is being held responsible regardless. so what i had for you on our two hundred billion euro burdett investors say this summer that assigned to balance spanish banks won't be enough to cope with the crisis with as ordinary people continue to bear the brunt of austerity. but the pentagon admits its errors in both iraq and afghanistan we look at how we can avoid making the same mistake again. we give leaks founder julian assange has asked britain supreme court to reopen the case regarding his extradition to sweden almost two weeks after he lost his appeal there his lawyers challenge to the gallery of the previous ruling in what's said to be an unusual move the very most whistleblower is wanted in sweden over sex crime allegations but his supporters fear his extradition will just be
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a step towards handing him over to the u.s. recently his contacts and acquaintances experience evidence of the pursuit of assad some of them being held for questioning particularly after taking part in his program that's broadcasting here on r.t. you can watch the latest edition of songs show throughout the day and here are some activists from cypherpunks movement about the invisible war over our future that's being fought all mine. well the fundamental things that cypherpunks written recognize is that the architecture actually defines the political situation so if you have a centralized architecture even if the best people in the world are in control of it no matter where we look we can see especially with financial systems that effectively even if the people who are best of intentions it doesn't matter i mean there are third sure is the truth it's true for the internet with regard to communications the so-called lawful intercept systems which are which is just a nice way of saying spying on people would say you can use them. yeah absolutely
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that's a lot of lawful murder you've heard about also the rights on american citizens by the u.s. president obama you know when he killed on moral law he's sixteen year old son in yemen that's it lawful murder or targeted killing as they put it right so so-called lawful intercept is the same thing you just put lawful in front of everything and then all of a sudden because the state does it it's legitimate but it's in fact the architecture of the state that allows them to do that at all and is the architecture of the laws and the architecture of the technology just is the same as it's the architecture of financial systems and what the cypherpunks wanted to do was to create systems where we could compensate each other in a truly free way where it was not possible to interfere. and you can watch the second part of julian assange just talk with cypherpunks activist in a little over an hour here on r.t. and if you missed the first part of that aired a week ago it's of course available as well as other series on our web site r t v dot com. the rescue package for spanish banks will come with strings
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attached that's the message from the german chancellor who said that help will be tied to reforms in the banking sector now it contradicts comments from the country's prime minister who indicated that the hundred billion euros of financial aid was different from the conditional bell outs of other e.u. states political risk consultant john holzman says it's getting harder and harder for politicians to make investors believe their strategy. the point is that of course the germans are going to part with their money without conditions mrs merkel has a very tough political scene herself and if she were said to just give the spanish one hundred million euro the people in germany would think she lost her mind so they're going to be conditions of course the trick is going to look over spanish banks of course there's going to be conditionality the e.u. level and the spanish and what's happening is you see the politics of this getting harder and harder this is miracle needs that conditionality the spanish government can't hope to survive if there is that conditionality they've lost control of the
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story in the beginning to believe this nonsense the crisis is followed a pattern they're going frantic bailouts for greece portugal ireland no spain and what's happened is that after every bailout the amount of time it takes the markets to read the fine print realize that indeed this is nonsense it isn't also gets smaller and smaller and smaller so we've gone from two months to two weeks to two days and in the case of spain it took literally two hours for things to turn around this is by far the end from from the story. next hour on r t economist nouriel roubini tells us where the eurozone financial woes could ultimately lead the union and the global economy. that it's openly that the situation could become these or that in the eurozone like at these all of the early the fall tonight by getting these that contains only have on the on the banks and made playing them as market voxer us and then they eventually have those thoughts for the bad side and that's not something we should have
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a few years down the line they also i guess in the eurozone in which case the eurozone you know breaks up and you could have a significant european and a global you know financial totem all of them then you could end up like japan with a long times like a nation of laws and out of the price it's a risk. the u.s. military has admitted to mistakes committed during its wars in iraq and afghanistan a recent report written by the pentagon says strategic leadership repeatedly failed in its training and policies but for more analysis on this one out on line hi borenstein men from executive intelligence review magazine with us on the line from washington mr freeman what is behind the pentagon's decision to write such a report might they be trying to ease public criticism of these two very unpopular wars well i think you have to realize that the military right now in the united
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states is playing a very critical role the key and major institution that is pushing back against president obama and that nato commitment to foreign intervention into syria very much like president putin is pushing back very graphically from russia and the military knows that there is to to shoot. has been under attack and that the missions and afghanistan and iraq did not have a mission they were military deployment they have destroyed a portion of the military weakened us we're in a situation where the similar to what we were in the vietnam war although we haven't lost a war because there is no mission to actually carry out any policy in iraq or afghanistan and move to right now is fighting back and defending itself but the
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reports suggest pacifically that u.s. troops were largely unprepared for these missions and lacking the necessary training can you highlight some examples of how this could have been the case. well the point i would make is that the united states if it goes into a country to carry out we change which we carried out in iraq and we carried out in afghanistan then the military starts in a horrible position because they're not trained for this and this is not this should not be the powell see the united states the military was not properly given supplies you have combat missions where the military men and women were deployed over and over and over again repeated missions which has produced a highest suicide rate in the military ever in the united states the point is that the president states first president bush and then in afghanistan president obama
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did not to find a clear mission for the military and did not have to find a clear american policy mission for the development of these countries and therefore the military were from the very beginning thrown in to make up for this vacuum and that's the problem that we have today with the united states government right now is functioning under what you would call the blair doctrine tony blair's doctrine a responsibility to protect and to intervene and change regimes at will by the consensus of the international community this is the biggest problem our government has and this is what the military is fighting against right now our without consensus i would add really and we've been hearing a lot about regime change when it comes to syria and iran should the u.s. start training its soldiers so they're prepared for this i mean you said a lot of mistakes were no because they weren't ready for iraq and afghanistan and what happens if they go into syria same mistakes what that what that that's exactly
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the point i'm making that the general dempsey the joint chiefs the head of the joint chiefs of staff the chairman has opposed the military intervention. into syria and into iran precisely for this reason that one should start these kinds of interventions especially in those countries you're going past the point of simple combat you're threatening the danger of nuclear war because president clinton and others have made very clear they will not agree to a un security council for such intervention so the military right now is saying no no no don't stick us in another one of these situations we don't want this and if you do this thing could escalate into an actual nuclear war and we were opposed to this so i would say that the the military right now is probably more sane and more thoughtful and ascending the interest united states than our president obama is at
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this moment when lawrence freeman from executive intelligence review magazine live with us from washington thank you for your input. thank you now there's much more for you on line at our jihad dot com right now a perilous place for babies to find out all about this annual ritual in a spanish town aimed at banishing evil spirits from newborns. muscle fiber war enters a new era with the two latest most dangerous virus attacks orchestrated by the same group according to a leading russian internet security that. israel is the turning dozens of african migrants in the first stage of the leadership's
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plan to deport over four thousand people from the country it's actually the government initially welcomed the refugees who were trying to escape violence in their homeland but artie's paul the slayer explains they face further strife upon their return home as. the sudanese are a cancer in our body who will do everything to return them to their. strong words from a politician in the country built by those who survived the holocaust. sudanese dissident sudanese dissident and even stronger words inciting racial hatred against african migrants. point minister benjamin netanyahu has boasted loud that israel is the only democracy in the middle east and yet it's his own politicians who calling for first. we need to expel the infiltrators from the loans of israel and we shouldn't be afraid to use that word. many of the so-called infiltrators have already been expelled once seen poverty violence before
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a tear in will some sixty thousand of them have crossed illegally into israel through the relatively poorest dysart border with egypt is why. it is one of an impending demographic and economic crisis in the future these are people who experienced severe trauma in their native land in therefore they saw their villages burned down eritrea's who were slaves of a dictatorial regime somewhere in torture camps in sinai and then a new struggle stars for the. israeli say most come seeking work rather than refuge and when it comes to growing crime figures the newcomers make convenient scapegoats but the government cannot deport the migrants as they have to group protection those from sudan and eritrea no matter what the circumstances cannot be simply because they face possible persecution and so they stay but without work permits and denied the most basic rights like shelter and food i feel very scary that most
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for that we have this this is a really really scary we feel like very secure. now and then there will be the arts of violence for the refugees and they already have been apartments of african workers set alight and almost daily beatings. far from dealing with the situation prime minister netanyahu has announced his intention to go ahead with building a detention center to house ten thousand africans and to enforce a controversial law that will allow is radial forty's to imprison illegal immigrants for up to three years without a trial then assume a leg should look into the eyes of visa africans who fled while ns and despair and think about what they're doing to see how they're demonized how they're called names is terrible i am ashamed am ashamed as an israeli as a jew in recent months street violence against the africans has surged all the more insidious because it seems to be getting the nod from above policy r.t.
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television. a look now it's on world news in brief this hour as many as one hundred people are feared dead after two earthquakes round of northern afghanistan rescuers continue to search for survivors after tremors sparked a massive landslide burying dozens of homes damage has been reported across five districts with only a few people being pulled from the rubble of a five the quake was felt as far away as the capital kabul one hundred seventy kilometers south. in northwest pakistan a commander of anti taliban forces has survived an attack from a suicide bomber but two of his bodyguards were killed the local tribal leader was in in his car when the explosives were set off two other people were injured in the attack which comes just days after a similar strike killed nineteen on a bus carrying government employees no one has claimed responsibility for either
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incident. and egypt's former president hosni mubarak is said to be in stable condition after doctors work to revive him when his heart stopped him twice but the country's official news agency deny that mubarak went into a coma as some reports have suggested the eighty four year old's health has worsened over the last few days former leader is now in a cairo prison hospital serving a life term for his role in the killings of hundreds of protesters during last year's uprising. ok we're now going back to the heart of the russian capital where mass celebrations of russia day are in full swing artist have the most say is there for us after these celebrations times i hope you can hear me i'm sure it's very loud there what exactly are russians marking today and just what are they doing to celebrate this day. well today marks twenty two years of the russian
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federation is seventy now we're talking about the fall of the soviet union back in one thousand nine hundred and four years later to this day that june the twelfth was made a new special public holiday so that every russian can enjoy this day to celebrate who they are from their flags to the national anthem and so forth so today we here live at red square enjoying a big a concert that's been put on you know we're talking pop stars and of course the hope of some of the better people like you about rushes and you know eurovision and she is the way yeah lovely as always and they've made everybody just joyful ever it just was so excited to see them now we have everything from the servicemen performances ah yeah and lays on the old looking forward to a very very extravaganza a mighty firework display around thirty thousand people here to enjoy this and i'm here to keep you up to date on what's happening right terry malts say in central moscow as celebrations for russia day continue. and the
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celebrations are not limited to russian of boarders today fans of the national football team have been marching in warsaw poland which of course is the co-host of the euro twenty twelve championships thousands are marching through the streets of the polish capital to the stadium to mark the national holiday and support the russian team ahead of their second group match they are playing against the home side poland later on tuesday evening and some young local people have reportedly tried to disrupt them are. but we're stopped by police now as far as details of the upcoming game they're all in our sports bulletin with paul going out in about twenty minutes. to this now check in with dimitri at the desk in trade today is choppy and cautious isn't that right and that is absolutely correct it seems investors really waiting for the outcome of the sunday elections in greece to see
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what may what new risks may arise and what to expect in global demand for oil for example what we're seeing right now is basically a movement up in the united states especially on the dow it's a point nine percent almost the same for the nasdaq we did see a drop in the previous session all surrounding pretty much the same risks to be assessed we did see yields in spain go up to two and a euro era high of six point eight six percent so really that tumbling the risk of basically persis over in europe trade was positive then it went down into the red zone and still lots of positive in frankfurt and pretty have been in london as you can see there also there's a manual barrage to the east the president has said that the nation should go beyond measures proposed last week single course for the supervisor and cyprus may
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be the next country poised for initial international bailout on monday its finance minister hinted that the cash strapped country may apply for financial aid before the end of this month and that's in case the confines of difficult to spur banks which are of course very much exposed to the situation in greece to greek banks. in asia we saw a different picture today with the nikkei dropping more than one per cent that's on the back of the international monetary fund putting pressure on the bank of japan to go ahead with a monetary easing saying that the yen is over. and in russia. no there was no trading of course there's a national holiday and there will be trading on wednesday the markets will have to catch up for monday and tuesday these are saturdays closing pictures it was a long six day working week last week which proved to be one of the best trading weeks this year so far in russia. and also bulgaria will get an eleven percent discount on the natural gas that is buying from russia starting from april worth
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around one hundred twenty million dollars the offer is conditional on signing the south stream pipeline deal to bring natural gas to southern and central europe gazprom a finance both russian and bulgaria and parts of the pipeline meant coverage losses from transit payments. on the commodities markets say we're seeing a price yoyo with light sweet going up half a dollar per barrel brant is down point nine point nine dollars per barrel ninety four cents you can see there this is a head of a crucial opec meeting on the first day where is likely that nations like venezuela where iran will be calling for a production cut meanwhile saudi arabia and so well minister has said that group efforts for higher production are possible. and in the currencies markets euro is floating around the level of one point two five against the dollar barely changed losing a bit it was up around thirty points before and the russian ruble will begin
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trading on wednesday or so with the first working day this week that's the way the markets look all right thanks for that update in a few minutes here in our team we speak with economist who first forecast the financial crisis of two thousand and eight about what the world should expect next before that the headlines after this.
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